It is not a matter of what is fact and what is fiction.
It is a matter of which better explains your existence.1

This is the homepage of the Abraxiom. The 90s will never end.

"Descartes spent far too much time in bed subject to the persistent hallucination that he was thinking. You are not free from a similar disorder."2

Now that humanity has the internet in our grasp, we have developed a non-physical reality that parallels and overtakes the physical world far greater than was ever possible with print. In the second century, the Gnostics shunned the material plane and encouraged careful consideration and mental fortitude in order to escape it; in the twentieth century, we gained the ability to glimpse a world solely of human creation. The Matrix posited that the real world was outside of a computer, but if anything, inside the network is closer to the nature of reality.

In this age, we no longer have to be tied to our bodies to communicate, and it has freed us. Some, though, selfishly challenge this and suggest that it is anonymity that is to blame for the new society's problems. An increasing emphasis has been put on "seeing the other person's face", as if their face was at all representative of their person. What I project over the cables is far more myself than the cage of flesh that the Demiurge has forced me into against my will.

Why do people still love existing in a three-dimensional plane with others? The world is dysphoria. Everyone who embraces the body is dysphoria. Humanity's collective dysphoria should be eradicated. We don't need our bodies. Not anymore.

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